Thailand Photographer

‘Chang’ means ‘Elephant’ in Thai language. That’s my name! My name’s Chang, I’m Thai and nice to meet you. I was born in the south of Thailand. I graduated from Faculty of Engineering at Prince of Songkla University that is on top 5 of the best universities in Thailand.

I love arts and sports since I was young and I believe in fortune and opportunity. Unfortunately, I had to study about something that I don’t like .. it’s never nice for me. Whereas, it happened! I cannot go backward .. I need to keep going .. yes! I tried to study with something that I don’t like. I did it again and again with my tolerance and then it made me earn many good things from ‘Engineering’. I got how to manage my life and it made me have responsibility with myself and many things that I need to do. I can learn and work orderly and systematically and the most important thing is that I knew ‘how to take Photographs’.

Just learning ‘Image Processing’, one of subjects that I studied in my course until I did my final project, so I had to use camera many times .. Then I think I infatuated with photography and addicted to take pictures. It became from taking photos of building structure to releasing water system, food, view and finally .. ‘Fashion’, it was a good fortune again that I used to be one of Swarovski photographers at INDIGO PEARL,Phuket. That time made me sure about the thing what I like .. After that I took a time for learn to take a photo by myself. I crush on fashion at that time and I want to be the professional of fashion photographer. I took photos just fashion for 2 years.

One day, the Swarovski model was going to get marriage and she invited me to take photos for her in her wedding day. That day, I know I’m so new about wedding photos. I know just I had to shoot photo about Getting ready, Ceremony, Speech, Dinner, and After party. However, I didn’t know how to organise my work. So, I keep going to do that and I think my work would have problems and it would not good work because I couldn’t follow the event that happened around me. Everything happened so fast and changeable .. what’s more, some events happened just one time.

I felt really down on my work that time. I knew I am a person who must to collect every moment at that time but I failed!

The best thing that I can learn from my mistake is that I can try to do something that I never do before .. In my opinion .. any moments in ‘Wedding day’ are beautiful, fascinating, wonderful, and fantastic. It’s hard to describe by words. “You cannot explain groom’s feeling when he sees bride in wedding dress at first time”. “You never explain what father’s bride feels when he sends his daughter to groom’s hand”. “It’s hard to define the feeling when wedding couple promise, each other”. The fantastic thing is that everything about I said it true .. It’s the truth. Because everything that happen in that day it’s real .. real place .. real time .. real moment .. real event .. real life and .. real love. From my 5 years photography experience, I’m pretty sure and so glade that I can help to keep the magnificent memory to you. If you like my style and believe in my ability, I will try my best for your fabulous day.